Personality Types

Here at Walnut Valley Puppies our goal is to breed puppies with great temperaments. Every puppy is unique and each one boasts a personality that is different from the others. With that being said, most of our puppies fall into three main categories. Leading up to the 'selection process' date we carefully observe each puppy and put them in one of these categories described below. Remember, puppies can change over time and a lot of their personality is developed in how you train them. So our observations now may not always hold out as the puppy matures.


Laid-back, Calm, Gentle, Chill

A puppy that we put in this category is usually more laid-back. This type of puppy is all around more chill, relaxed, and lower energy. We never see this puppy be the first to investigate around the yard or run after us if we go walking away from the group. They are, of course, still a puppy and will run and play but are also sooner to go take a nap. This type of puppy is more ideal for people in smaller living spaces or who do not have a very active lifestyle. A Bernedoodle is still a Bernedoodle and even if we put one in this category does not mean that this puppy will never show energy. It simply means this puppy will be more chill overall. At a young age this type of puppy may sometimes come across as being timid but this is rarely an issue once they are several weeks older.


Middle-of-the-road, Playful, Goofy, Fun-loving

A puppy that we rate “2“ is a middle-of-the-road type of puppy. Most of our puppies fall into this category. They are neither the most outgoing energetic puppy ever but at the same time neither are they very laid-back. They have a sweet personality that is a good fit for almost anyone. They love play and are very goofy and lovable!


Energetic, Playful, Outgoing,

Puppies in this category are more outgoing and energetic. They love action and play! This puppy will always be the first one to investigate around the yard when we let them out to play. He will be the first one to come running after you if you start walking away. It is not uncommon that this type of puppy will pull on our shoestrings or pant legs. They will instigate wrestling and fighting with their siblings. This type of puppy is a good fit for people who have children or have an active lifestyle. These puppies tend to need more exercise to keep them out of bad behavior. We have had puppies in this category that were adopted into apartments or smaller living spaces. Although not as ideal, with proper training and exercise this can be totally fine.

*Note: There are many character traits you will find in every category. Just because we note that a 3 puppy is goofy, does not mean that a 1 puppy will not be.